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    Sharix App

    All news at a glance with the Sharix app!
    The app delivers you news from politics, sports, art knowledge, business, entertainment, health, fashion, food, music, movies and the best it has to offer the network. Sharix informs and entertains you round the clock. You can get your news even go read even if you are offline.
    This offers you this app:
    - Push messages for breaking news. The notifications in the settings switched on or off at any time
    - Comfortably read news offline.
    - Easily share content via Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter
    - View other news and podcasts provider
    - Easily find content on specific topics about the tag search
    - Add Forum edit and read
    - Translation News
    - And so on ...

    Plz support me ;):)
    And share link to my app on FB,Whatsapp, and with ur friends.

    Thank You :cool::oops::rolleyes::cool::)


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