AppYet v3.1.9 Released

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    Change log:

    - Android: Fix when any of these modules ("Downloads"/"Settings"/"Explore") are on the first in the module list, it will cause application not able to get out of the dialog.
    - Android: Feed list and article view and Forum thread view: auto hide actionbar when user scroll up to maximize article view
    - Android: Added Float Action Button in Forum and Feed module
    - Android: Fixed Amazon method limits issue.
    - Android: Replaced existing Menu Drawer with Material Drawer
    - Android: New tile layout in Feed Article List
    - Android: Feed Module: Grid Layout: Changed grid size to better fit modern device screen sizes for both tablet and phone
    - Android: Improved images load and display in list and grid views (improved performance and animation)
    - Android: Added support Gif animation in Feed List/Grid view, Forum avator and Image Viewer
    - Android: Fixed Forum Module configurations (OpenLinkExtBrowser, TextRTL and ViewImageOnTouch is not applied at initial install.
    - Android: Fixed View Image on Touch sometimes doesn't open image in Image Viewer
    - Android: Added ripple effect in list and grid view
    - Android: Added Admob to be displayed in Feed List view
    - Android: Added Admob Interstitial Ad.
    - Android: Changed default module icon to match material design
    - Android: Removed Wi-Fi only for article in Settings
    - Android: Feed Module: Fixed mutiple RTL layout issues

    - Web: Change Theme to match new Material Menu Drawer, some customization are removed or newly added
    - Web: Monetize Tab: Removed Mediation Drop down options. Mediation is now part of regular Admob Ad Unit Id.
    - Web: Monetize Tab: Added new option to input Admob Interstitial Ad Unit ID:
    - Web: Removed Module Group Name, replace it with GroupDivider module.
    - Web: Mobule->General Tab: Allow pick module icon from icon picker
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    Love this update :D
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    Please look to add a rename feed for the Explore section. I can't wait to let our users use this but without the rename option I can't enable it as it makes it unusable when all our feeds come out with the same name.

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