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    1. fadli gunawan
      fadli gunawan
      Ajarin bos caranya
    2. ouijdane
    3. kodjoe
      Hi, when I open my app, I can see a menu icon in top left of the topbar.
      All my menu modules are disable, so if I click on menu icon, nothing
      happened and it's perfect like that.

      Today, I would like to know how can I hide this "menu icon" because i don't need it ?
      And I already have same topbar & icon just above.

      Idea for futur:
      If all modules menu are disable, hide icon menu automatically

      Thank you
    4. abed
      Applications Not Sent To Email. Is there any problem?
    5. mr yana
      mr yana
      I want to consult, why the application that I created can not match expectations. in appeal to apps belonging to other developers. but the same as appyet. we give the screenshots we created and which other developers make. ask for help.we also attach file form apk format, to check for comparison thank you
    6. ahmad salm
      ahmad salm
    7. Jake Palanca
      Jake Palanca
      Is appyet still in development? I'm having a Tapatalk error whenever you click the forum button the first time. Also, when are you going to update the website. The app design still looks modern to today's standerd.
      1. Clever
        Hello I need help how to put ad banner on top of my app
        Sep 12, 2017
    8. Dayyal Dg.
      Dayyal Dg.
      Hello Sir, I facing a issue with my app. I have created an app for my website but the problem is that when I enable RSS Feeds from my site, I see high usage of CPU and Account Execution. My website CMS is Joomla! 3.7 and website is hosted on SiteGround. I tried to use Json format for feeds to reduce CPU usage but the problem is that AppYet only support RSS/Atom format...
    9. Omponk
      Hello, How to create/ build app apple/iphone?
    10. Cheza
      why i cant access my account again? appyet do you delete my account? please help!
    11. Ali Al Fayed
      Ali Al Fayed
      Current Template:3.1.25 Target Template:3.1.25 Build Status:Pending Android Package (Apk):Build to download APK
      Queue Position:200
      Estimate Build Begin in:
      01:40:00 (HH:MM:SS)
    12. Moja
      my blogspot download ink did not work on appyet. What can I do to fix it ?
      1. Mark abahi
        Mark abahi
        I tried to see option for download my app but not option.
        Jul 3, 2017
    13. RizwanBajwa
      dmob is not working, as from last 4 days my daily impression drops from 300k to 40k only. I lost so much revenue on daily basis. Please help me by resolving this issue. Thanks.
    14. Manish Meena
      Manish Meena
      File size less then 10 MB to Maximun 5MB
    15. hisham
      Please can I get help ..what aspx ? It isnt opened and I cant find the apk format
    16. allouach.mohamed
      how add file like font awesome and script.js and picture please
      1. DANIALAZADEH likes this.
    17. ashour gomaa
      ashour gomaa
      I want to know the percentage of the profit from advertising almost added to apply the ratio of the site and the percentage of profit me
    18. Sk.Osama
      Hai Can Anyone Suggest me a site for creating an Android app ... Please
    19. mirisa
      hi Dear I am Here
      what is '' post (beta) ''
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