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  1. peyvand
  2. imdad
    imdad appyet
    I need further confirmation, please guide

    If I want to use google adsense then I should show ads on web module and should not enter the ID for admob in monetization.

    If i want to use admob then I should hide ads on web module and should enter the admbo ID in monetization.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Farestalal
  4. سمسره
    نحن نكون تقريب المسافات بين البائع ولمشتر
  5. Dzikry1938
    Hi im human
  6. Fesal Nakdaly
    Fesal Nakdaly
  7. Okello Emmanuel
    Okello Emmanuel appyet
    How can i earn from appyets apps
    1. icanehdian
      Admob, Facebook or Flurry.
      Jun 1, 2019
  8. Shah
    Can anyone help me with my web module issue
  9. Aseize Okaztle
  10. Mahmoud zaki
  11. Gohindi Status
  12. Roshan
    Roshan appyet
    Why my google ads not showing in my App created with
    My app is not yet published on google.
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    2. abed
      Yes and I have the same problem I have not yet raised the application on Google Play and there is a relationship between the display ads and (EU User Consent (GDPR)
      May 18, 2019
    3. icanehdian
      Sometimes ad modules take 24-48 hours to activate, along with using the proper api in the proper module. Playstore doesn't have any involvement in displaying ads. Double check your settings.
      Jun 1, 2019
  13. Rhefirst1
    Rhefirst1 appyet
    I updated my apps but its crashed on start in android pie any solution
    1. icanehdian
      Clear your application storage cache and make sure your builds are update-to-date with the current template.
      Jun 1, 2019
  14. SHA
  15. sahrgolden
    I want all posts to appear in the appyet app and not only recent posts appear
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  16. sahrgolden
    I want to see all posts in the appyet app and not just recent posts
  17. sahrgolden
    I want to see all posts or posts in appyet application and not only recent appearance
  18. elmondal
    elmondal appyet
    I received Violation from Google AdMob "Play App Disabled" and ads stopped please help me.
    1. icanehdian
  19. Barhan ibm2
    Barhan ibm2 appyet
    Please I want to fix this issue: admob not working on my app
  20. Barhan ibm2
    Barhan ibm2 appyet
    Admob is not working, why?

    Will solve the problem