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    1. Swahili Media
      Swahili Media
      while creating a APP there is no option to add my blog url or rss feed url.and I have not given anything because of that my app is blank plz help me
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    2. arbaeen
      I want watch my app before published
      What do I do ?
      thank you
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      2. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        After u recieve the email with the zip file attachment ,extract the file and then install the app in ur device. Use the app for 1 week before uploading it to play store.
        Fix the bugs (if any) within the 1 week time and publish.
        For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
    3. farrag
      plz i already make app for jobs and i published but how i can add data to the pages
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    4. Farhanislam
      i am new to Appyet. i make an app with weblinks. every time i select a link from side bar it load again. for example i click one category it loads, then i click another category it loads. when i click previous category it loads again. is there any way categories load once unless i refresh them. Actually it takes time .
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      2. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        Try using RSS/Atom feeds instead of weblinks.
        For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
    5. hardikjain
      while creating a APP there is no option to add my blog url or rss feed url.and I have not given anything because of that my app is blank plz help me
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      2. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        I can help u with that ↓↓↓↓
        For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
    6. Director AsAfrica
      Director AsAfrica
      Hi, I went the direct route by converting my wordpress site.Response: "
      Build confirmed successfully. Your application will take few seconds to minutes to build, and you will receive it by email as soon as it completed" BUT THEN nothing happened. Many hours later, still no app. Is this common, is there a problem? The site is and my name is Graeme. Any help ?
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      2. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        Check your email inbox ,if not found there check in spam
        Jun 24, 2016
    7. Arvind Gurha
      Arvind Gurha
      When I logged in, I created one APP (with nothing in it). I have not given anything in the app. From where should I start? How can I create different menus, tables, etc.
      I mean the initial app created is just a skeleton? What next?
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    8. Filogonio007
      I´ve introduced in my app some imgs in some modules, the same size and format as specified, but when I go in app (re-built) I can´t see them, there is a square in black.What can I do?
      Can we create folders in our apps?
      Thanks and great job.
    9. Prashant
      Hello App Yet ! First Of all, I wanna Thank you So Much For Providing such wonderful Application Making Platform.
      Secondly, wanna ask :-
      Is There Any Way That We Can Disable "Delete All" Option For Rss feed ??
    10. Dadiocoleman
      Could we use our own Disqus API keys?
    11. nelly
      hello, i ve a problem with my buddypress installation

      i tried to add the activity feed to appyet but it doesnt work and i m not sure why. yesterday i got it done, now i wont to update my app and tried to add the feed again but no articles are found.

      privacy settings are off... i tried several times and i cannot find the point

      thanks for your help
      1. hardikjain
        hey how to add rssfeed or blog url in the app bcoz there is no option like that while creating a app
        Nov 4, 2015
    12. Leonar Aung
      Leonar Aung
      Hello .. Please appyet help me ! I created an app with you but I can't remember which mail I used . But I can tell you app package name , please could you tell me which mail I've used , to recover password .
      1. Marc
        Send an email to and explain the same problem ;)
        Sep 2, 2015
      2. Leonar Aung
        Leonar Aung
        Thank you so much .! :)
        Sep 5, 2015
    13. shamnews
      new builds' emails are not sent to my email!
      I've received only four builds, then no other emails are sent.
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      2. joseph raphael
        joseph raphael
        check your spam inbox
        Sep 11, 2015
    14. Aayush Nagpal
      Aayush Nagpal
      do you know how to upload files for in app download
      1. joseph raphael
        joseph raphael
        yes, you can do that with images only to kept offline
        Aug 23, 2015
    15. Govind Keawt
      Govind Keawt
      Hi Team,

      I need help. As I developed android app using AppYet. Its Great!. But I am getting rejection from google play store due to some protected work issue. Please help me to resolve this.

      Thanks In Advance.
      Govind Kewat
    16. Fatimah Taghavi
      Fatimah Taghavi
      I have a problem.
      when I insert back in my application, it is quit from my application. Do anyone knows why?
    17. Siam Pi
      Siam Pi
      how to add facebook page modules to app ?
    18. manigandan
      Hi, I have created an app. In that i am going to use only one feed. Going to remove Explore too. So additional feed can't be added by user. But now my apk file size is more that 10MB. Please advice me how to reduce my app size I am not going to use any other service. Only that feed and it should show notifications . That's it. Help me. If this gets ok I am planing to move for PRO. thans in advance.
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    19. ali_85
      In first excuse me because my poor English writing
      I have made app for my website and forum
      Everything is ok but in one module I have problem
      I use tapatalk forum module. In tablet is work good but in my cell phone it’s not good
      In picture you can see it
      words cant see and module not work well
      our forum is RTL
      Please help me to resolve this problem
      Best regard
    20. MED S
      MED S
      i want to knwo how to manage Labes from the blog
      to orgenise mor but when i put the link to the
      it doesn't work nothing is ther.
      can somone tell me how to do it
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