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Dec 2, 2019
    1. ganesh gite
      ganesh gite

      Please help me:

      I have added youtube videos feed from feed module but when clicked on the video it opens in youtube app, not inside the application. Can I modify it tom play youtube inside appyet app only?

      Second it shows only latest 15 videos, how I can increase the limit?
      1. Äkwav
        first its not possible to do this, would be nice but it was removed
        Second you can´t change the amount without an special system
        Jun 2, 2016
      2. ganesh gite
        ganesh gite
        for second case
        How we can increase the number of videos count?
        Jun 3, 2016
      3. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        Just change the feed count to same as the server.
        For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
    2. munees
      1. Äkwav
        If you monititsed your App, so you placed your add unit id inside appyet and rebuilt the that should be your add, just give your statistics some time to update. Otherwise its from appyet :)
        Jun 2, 2016
    3. Daniele Pais
      Daniele Pais

      I am trying to get some help as my ads are not showing and the app has been published for weeks now. I have admob all setup fine and used to have the ads working fine, I then renewed the app and now my ads are not showing anymore.

      Any clues?

      Thanks a billion.
      1. Äkwav
        what exacty are you meaning by renewed the app?
        Jun 2, 2016
    4. Shiyar jemo
      Shiyar jemo
      I hope to fix the problem of exit from the application while I try to watch YouTube videos in the application of wish to make watch YouTube videos within the application
    5. sanju
      1. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
    6. sanju
      GCM Required in App. Can any one help me.
    7. Deepak Trivedi
      Deepak Trivedi
      my app user android device 360 antivirus is show risky app, realtime moniter in my app how can remove?
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      2. Deepak Trivedi
        May 17, 2016
      3. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        Guys I want to clear 1 thing to all of u and that is Android OS works on Linux and it doesn't need any kind of anti-virus.
        All the antivirus apps just give u fake results.
        I have tried all of them and also researched a bit.
        For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
      4. Deepak Trivedi
        Deepak Trivedi
        Thanks aadil
        Jun 25, 2016
    8. s7asnap
      i really want 2 things too urgent :
      1- design the same app for iphone
      2- add custom signature on every social media sharing

      who can do this ( i will pay money for this )
    9. MDSoft
      Do you have not any plan for the new version (with safe-search) ?
    10. rahul meena
      rahul meena
      how do i customize share button, it just send my web link but i want to share my post that showing on current screen.
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      2. joseph c daniel
        joseph c daniel
        To share the post, what you can do is, select the post text and on top, you can see share button. When you click it, you'll be able to share that particular text.
        Apr 24, 2016
    11. mohamed raslan
      mohamed raslan
      my app i creat but i dont have in gmail mall or spam
    12. mohamed raslan
    13. Ayman Droubi
      Ayman Droubi
      Can i open the attached application in my labtop
    14. Ayman Droubi
      Ayman Droubi
      How can i see and check my App after reciving the App yet message Congratulations! Your Android App has been created.
      1. DarShaN PanDya
        DarShaN PanDya
        When u receive the Mail from AppYet after a Successful BUILD,
        There would be an Attachment (.zip) > Extract it and install the App (.apk) on ur Device! :)
        Apr 9, 2016
    15. Ayman Droubi
      Ayman Droubi
      i have a problem with app yet it's been more than 24 hours and i did not get my apk link from the server, my registeration email is right, i tried opening my email with different browsers, i don't know what's wrong please tell me what to do.
      1. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        Check in spam. Sometimes the mail goes into spam. It happens with me too.
        For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
    16. rahul meena
      rahul meena
      plz help Google Play warning: You are using a vulnerable version of MoPub.
    17. Aseize Okaztle
      Aseize Okaztle
      Google Play warning: You are using a vulnerable version of MoPub. Please fix...
      1. rahul meena likes this.
      2. Marc
        @appyet is working on a new version to fix the problem.
        Apr 4, 2016
    18. RizwanBajwa
      MoPub Security Vulnerability From Google Play,
      Security alert

      Your app is using a version of MoPub containing a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Centre articlefor details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability.
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    19. Vivek Raj
      Vivek Raj
      Please Add Notifications With Post Images...
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    20. AppsThor
      Good I would like to know what's inside the pro tab after payment of the annual fee because I am considering paying it and I would like to know what benefit me. Thank you very much
      1. Aseize Okaztle likes this.
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