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Oct 20, 2019
    1. costanzo martino
      costanzo martino
      I purchased the pro version , but when I finish building your app email ... ques6ta thing does not come to me I made her even with the trial version ... how can I solve it !!!
      1. joseph c daniel
        joseph c daniel
        add to your email's contacts. After that, you'll get it. If you don't know how to add contacts in email google it.
        Sep 16, 2016
      2. costanzo martino
        costanzo martino
        It is very strange because I tried to create diverse..alcune reach me on my mail , and other no..per example I arrive in a format that I can not open
        Sep 19, 2016
    2. Techrevue
      How to make translatable name in app
    3. obeda ale
      obeda ale
      how can i increase my ads views in appyet is it in pro virsion in appyet?
      all regards
      1. joseph c daniel
        joseph c daniel
        pro version won't give you extra ad views. Pro version allows to disable ads. Nothing else. Try some other ad network and tr to get more users
        Sep 20, 2016
    4. RizwanBajwa
      ADMOB Issue: Upgrade your Android Google Mobile Ads SDK to ensure ads keep serving
    5. RizwanBajwa
      Appyet Please respond its important
    6. RizwanBajwa
      Appyet this update is for all Users app so please update the admob sdk, we are looking for your quick response.
    7. RizwanBajwa
      Appyet the dead line is 15 September, please respond
    8. RizwanBajwa
      ADMOB Issue: Upgrade your Android Google Mobile Ads SDK to ensure ads keep serving
    9. ridouan
      please help me i cant display my feeds's images in my app
      1. Äkwav
        what feed do you use? can you submit your url?
        Jul 20, 2016
    10. Aditya Shevle
      Aditya Shevle
      I need a help regarding app, in the app by default ringtone sets as a silent, How can i set it by default ringtone, instead of silent. help me please...
    11. abhishek mohan jagtap
      abhishek mohan jagtap
      my app not visible in play store when searching by name this problem since 16 hour
      i can open only from link.

      please advice how can i resolved this isuuse
      1. Saiteja
        give few keywords for ur app. and wait for few hours. then enter full name of the app. then u will get the result.
        Jul 4, 2016
    12. akhanjer
    13. ganesh gite
      ganesh gite
      As most of the publisher might have known by now, Google Has Released its Firebase platform which includes Analytics, Monetization, Cloud, Backend, Hosting and much more. It will soon replace Google analytics, and abmob reports will heavily rely on metrics from Firebase for more depth analytics. Therefore, AppYet Must integrate the required SDK's and provide integration support to the users of the appyet.
    14. Nikhil goyal
      Nikhil goyal
      I have create an app trics to hack by appyet it show build done but i dont find any download option of that app
      1. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        After the built is complete you receive a mail on the registered email address.
        Jun 24, 2016
    15. Jay555
      How do i create my first app. Please help thank you
    16. Pralhad Sarpotdar
      Pralhad Sarpotdar
      My First app is ready. How do I publish in playstore? I have my account in palystore. Please advise. Thanks.
      1. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        If you need any help uploading ur app plz contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
    17. Luis127
      Buenas noches,
      Como puedo agregar una pagina de Facebook? Les agradezco la pronta respuesta
    18. noraabawi
      i changed my menu icon, but when I install the app, it doesn't load the icon, it only appears blank. How can I fix it? Please advise. Thanks.
      1. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        For icons use transparent images.
        If u use images with a background the icon will appear blank in the app. For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
    19. Äkwav
      Hey appyet :) i just have a smal question: where is the database of the FeedPlaceholder thing, because I want to add some feeds to it. Or I would need a search funktion on my own feeds in explore module just a smal change )
    20. ganesh gite
      ganesh gite

      Please help me:

      I have added youtube videos feed from feed module but when clicked on the video it opens in youtube app, not inside the application. Can I modify it tom play youtube inside appyet app only?

      Second it shows only latest 15 videos, how I can increase the limit?
      1. Äkwav
        first its not possible to do this, would be nice but it was removed
        Second you can´t change the amount without an special system
        Jun 2, 2016
      2. ganesh gite
        ganesh gite
        for second case
        How we can increase the number of videos count?
        Jun 3, 2016
      3. aadil sayed
        aadil sayed
        Just change the feed count to same as the server.
        For any help contact me at
        Jun 24, 2016
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