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Jan 15, 2020 at 8:06 AM
    1. Eulenis Madrid
      Eulenis Madrid
      @appyet look in the store play store an application before it was removed that came out see application permissions and write that and paste it in the privacy policy and I re-published the application I hope not to remove it again
    2. Hawagis
      Hello are you allowed to upgrade my application to the Google Play Store for your bull1 free ?? Can I remove ads from my own application ?? I have no money for a payment copy Pro ☹️
    3. Hawagis

      Is it allowed to upload my own application to Google Play Store with free copy?

      That I do not have money to pay the pro version ☹️
    4. ahmed romio
      ahmed romio
      Is there a way for ads to appear on web pages?
      I used admob and facebook ads but did not show up. Only appear in feeds
    5. rahul meena
      rahul meena
      i need keystore of my appyet apk can you help me how to get it.
    6. Cascos
      Admob is not working, why?
    7. wawan sukma
      wawan sukma
      why admob not show ?
    8. Morocco
      when can we use the ew version?
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    9. Rahman zada
      Rahman zada
      How to sign in
    10. viven
    11. klaster
      There's some problemes with video player the app most show *complete action using.. and I hop to see my app with this chooses complete action using Appyet app to download or watch this video online
    12. wae
      How can I know how to build applications
      1. Zuber Bhoja
        Zuber Bhoja
        it's very simple and easy
        Nov 30, 2018
    13. Kayode oladipo
      Kayode oladipo
      Am trying to send notification message from my FCM since have connected it with my appyet app but have sent up to 10 messages now and my app is not displaying any notification... Pls help me because I need that notification to engage my users thanks
    14. alisan
      The title says it all I want to know if we can and how can we add Google analytics on the apps code
      plz help
    15. Anilc
      Hello @appyet
      My app one of app is still into pro type, I need to allow ads to be displayed, but ads does not displayed even and after expiring.
      Currently 100k+ Active iNSTALLS loosing revenue
      :eek:Please help. please help and solve this issue i'm not getting any help on this issue from last 8months.
    16. Dilip Sarma
      Dilip Sarma
      I am not getting options to add my website details to display at the apps when use creat apps option

      Link is there only for privacy and contact
      how to add website
      I am looking to app version of my website
    17. mahmoud elsman
      mahmoud elsman
      the notification was silent can you make it with sound as default when build app
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    18. ayaldev
    19. Dzik
      Hi appyet I have a idea, fitur for one web.. very responsiv.. no slide.. and small size..

      I hope you see my idea.. I love appyet..

      Thanks.. please replay my post :)
    20. Kamal Singh Nishad
      Kamal Singh Nishad
      App is rejected by play store i am using rss feed of my website on blogger.
      Please help
      i got this mail
      "Your app, com.e**h.q**a (Version Code:36), has been removed from Google Play because it violates our personal and sensitive information policy.
      Your app is uploading users' app list information to,, without a prominent disclosure.
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