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  1. Shijo Jacob
    Shijo Jacob
    New app development for Android apps. development mobile application
  2. anilkerketa82
  3. abed
    abed appyet
    Applications Not Sent To Email. Is there any problem?
  4. Krishna Khadka
    Krishna Khadka
    Appyet is really helpful. Loved it
  5. Emraan
    Plz make the downloads feed more useable because i have a videos blog so i need it
  6. Cascos
    Cascos DarShaN PanDya

    My app does not show images when I open an article, can you help me on that?
  7. zaw
    zaw Marc
    please help me
  8. bakkali
    مع الأسف لم أتوصل بأي شيئ علما أنني فعلت كل شيئ وضيعت وقتا ثمينا وأظن أن هذا المنتدي نصاب لا أقل ولا أكثر
    1. Ziad
      ماهي مشكلتك اخي الكريم ؟
      Oct 3, 2017
  9. AMMLR
    Hello Make an application and complete everything but I have not received messages containing the download link of the application
  10. ahmad salm
    ahmad salm appyet
  11. Jake Palanca
    Jake Palanca appyet
    Is appyet still in development? I'm having a Tapatalk error whenever you click the forum button the first time. Also, when are you going to update the website. The app design still looks modern to today's standerd.
    1. Clever
      Hello I need help how to put ad banner on top of my app
      Sep 12, 2017
  12. Domco
  13. Dayyal Dg.
    Dayyal Dg. appyet
    Hello Sir, I facing a issue with my app. I have created an app for my website but the problem is that when I enable RSS Feeds from my site, I see high usage of CPU and Account Execution. My website CMS is Joomla! 3.7 and website is hosted on SiteGround. I tried to use Json format for feeds to reduce CPU usage but the problem is that AppYet only support RSS/Atom format...
  14. Hemza
  15. Omponk
    Omponk appyet
    Hello, How to create/ build app apple/iphone?
  16. Jaydeep Suthar
    Jaydeep Suthar
    Hyy my first Android app
  17. aaryan chiram
    aaryan chiram
    best part of page
  18. mohamed elgohary
    mohamed elgohary
    Let's make some hope
  19. santhosh
    I didnt get any money from admob...after 100000 Installs- after pro expiry
  20. George Mshaty
    George Mshaty DarShaN PanDya
    Hi bro
    i want to create a categories in my App like: Tech,News and Sport ,and for each category (like Tech) i want to add more than a feed url to it.. if you can help me i will be happy .. my problem is just with creating the categories.
    Thank you so much